The Top 10 Ice Creams in Melbourne

In the 1991 movie, My Girl, Vada Sultenfuss is instructed to write a love poem. Six lines are dedicated to her love affair with ice-cream. Beginning with, ‘I like ice-cream a whole lot’, Vada echoes the cries of children (and adults) across Melbourne. Because we all scream for ice-cream.

Here are ten of Melbourne’s most popular stores, because with ice cream there’s no such thing as too much!



Melbourne’s most instagramable cone.

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. More than just ice cream, Aqua S is a work of art. Originating from Okinawa, Japan, sea salt soft serves are as sweet as they sound.  With toppings such as a bed of fairy floss, popping candy, popcorn and grilled marshmallows, Aqua S is not for the faint-hearted. For those who don’t fancy sea salt, two other flavours are also available and are changed fortnightly, so as to always have you coming back for more. Although with a sky blue interior (making you feel as though you’ve just stepped straight into a candy-store…or heaven), and melt-in-your-mouth ice cream, it’s not like you need more reason to.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 16 Red Cape Lane, QV Melbourne, VIC 3000

STAR OF THE SHOW: Aqua S’s signature sea salt flavour, an irresistible shade of sky blue, twirled with fairy floss. You’ll want to start requesting fairy floss as an add-on to everything.




 A Bacio flavoured gelato that will have you questioning where it’s been your whole life.

Can’t afford a plane ticket to Italy? Thanks to Johnny Di Francesco that’s no longer a problem. From 400 Gradi to Zero Gradi, pizza chef Francesco is bringing Italy to Melbourne. Using traditional gelato-making techniques, Zero Gradi boasts 18 flavours, including many Neopolitan classics (such as pistachio, which boasts a subtle, sophisticated flavour of roasted pistachios, espresso, a must have for coffee lovers, or chocolate, which is as rich as it is decadent), with classic Italian toppings such as Panna (whipped cream) and Pizelle (waffle cookies). You’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re in Sicily or Naples…

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 93-97 Lygon Street Brunswick East VIC 3057.            
PH: 9380 2320

STAR OF THE SHOW:  Bacio flavoured gelato; a mouth-watering mixture of chocolate and hazelnut, it’s the ultimate indulgence.



FullSizeRender (1)

A Nutella Dolce sundae. Hazelnut and chocolate gelato with Nutella popcorn, candid hazelnuts, and Nutella brownies, drizzled with warm Nutella. Can I get an AMEN?

Ok so technically speaking this is a desert bar, but Dolce Gelato makes one hell of an ice-cream. Every sweet tooth’s dream, this store screams ‘Treat yoself’!’. And treat yourself you should, with a salted caramel gelato (salted and crunchy caramel pieces swirled through soft-creamy, ice-cream) with a Nutella swirl (adding a warm, sweet chocolate sensation) and crushed raspberry meringue, or with a blood orange sorbet (a refreshing sweet orange flavour, perfect to cool you down on a summer’s day).

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 225 Tucker Road McKinnon VIC 3204

PH: 9578 6833

STAR OF THE SHOW: Brownie Swirl. Made-in-store, soft, rich brownies pieces combined with salted caramel gelato. Need I say more?



FullSizeRender (2)

I think this is what Lizze McGuire had in mind when she sang ‘this is what dreams are made of…’.

It’s rare to walk into of Messina’s 3 Melbourne locations, on any given night, and not have to queue up. And for good reason; Messina boasts an impressive menu- the salted caramel and white chocolate has always been a crowd favourite, with extra thick, and extra creamy, salted caramel ice cream complete with mouth-watering white-chocolate pieces- and with 5 specials released weekly, Messina’s been known to send even the calmest of ice-cream lovers into a frenzy. With a goal of ‘making people happy’, a single scoop of Messina ice cream will do just that.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Multiple locations across Melbourne

STAR OF THE SHOW: This would have to be reserved for the weekly specials. A personal favourite? NICPIC- milk chocolate gelato with rice crisps, wafers and caramel. A perfect, creamy, crunchy blend.




Real Italian gelato in the making.

Inviting customers to forget everything they know about gelato, Pidapipo has emerged as a game-changer in the ice-cream scene. Handmade each day, owner Lisa Valmorbida sources her ingredients both locally and internationally, with honey from Honey Fingers and pistachios from Sicily, combining both her experience in Melbourne’s best restaurants, with her time at Carpigiani’s Gelato University. The watermelon sorbet is a Summer must-try, equally refreshing and sweet, while the double roasted chocolate with smoked salt and chocolate ganache is impossible to resist. Complete with a too-good-to-be-true Nutella tap, Pidapipo will have you falling in love, all over again.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Multiple locations across Melbourne

STAR OF THE SHOW: Nutella swirl; the perfect combination of creamy ice-cream, and warm, decadent, Nutella sauce.



FullSizeRender (3)

Two scoops because with ice-cream, there’s no such thing as moderation.

Tucked away next to an organic grocer in Melbourne’s CBD, you almost feel guilty coming here. Almost. One scoop is enough to have you abandon all guilt- and empty your wallet. It’s almost impossible to stop at just one. Made using fresh seasonal fruits, every choice is an explosion of flavour. Gelateria Primavera offers 10 milk-based gelato options and six dairy-free sorbets, meaning if you do go back for seconds, it’s an excellent excuse to sample another flavour.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 157 Spring Street Melbourne VIC 3204

STAR OF THE SHOW: The black currant gelato using Tasmanian black currants is as rejuvenating in the summer heat as it sounds.



FullSizeRender (5)

N2 Gelato is deadly…deadly good.

There’s no doubt about it; look up ‘best ice-cream in Melbourne’ on any website, through any search engine, and N2 Gelato will be somewhere on the list. It is ‘extreme’ in its indulgence; there’s no counting calories here. Their secret? Liquid nitrogen. And yes, you read that right. There’s a science behind it, one N2 proves well. The use of liquid nitrogen allows for the formation of a large number of microscopic ice crystals in seconds, resulting in an exceptionally smooth texture in their gelatos. And with flavours changing every fortnight, you always have a reason to come back!

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Multiple locations across Melbourne

STAR OF THE SHOW: The Ferro reveal. Also available as a vegan option, you can choose between a chocolate hazelnut sorbet or Nutella gelato, encased in a rice bubble choc top, topped with a warm chocolate syringe. I’ll take two, please.



FullSizeRender (4)

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy ice-cream. And that’s pretty much the same thing.

Crafted by hand and made using an assortment of ingredients such as organic milk, fresh nuts, and flavour-packed vanilla beans, Billy Van’s ice cream is as creamy as the name suggests. The inside of the store is just as sweet; with pastel-coloured ice creams dancing along the soft pink walls, you’ll never want to leave. There isn’t a large variety of flavours, however, Billy Van makes up for this in its quality, with sensational, smooth, and creamy gelatos.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 27 Best Street Fitzroy North VIC 3068

STAR OF THE SHOW: Billy Van Creamy’s signature salted caramel ice cream. A beautiful combination of sweet and salty.




A nostalgic ode to the Mr.Whippy of your youth.

If anyone has ever questioned dairy-free ice-cream, Girls & Boys will put to bed any doubts. Boasting an impressive selection (orange and lavender mousse and the traditional classic choc-top, just to name a few), you’d never guess Girls & Boys was vegan. 100% plant based, each item is sugar-free, without compromising on flavour or texture. You really can have your cake and eat it too!

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 382A Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3605

PH: 9417 6766

STAR OF THE SHOW: The classic soft serve. Soft and creamy, you’d never guess it was dairy free.



FullSizeRender (8)

The only reasonable solution to a balmy Summer’s day.

Pronounced ‘Bib-loh’, there’s no walking past this stylish South Melbourne salon. Pistachio ice cream, filled with chewy, crystalised pistachios, hazelnut crunch gelato, with a soft hazelnut crumble and pabana sorbet made with fresh banana, mango, and passion fruit are just a few of my (new) favourite things. As Vada Sultenfuss proclaimed ‘I like ice-cream a whole lot’.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 285-287 Coventry Street South Melbourne VIC 3205

PH: 9690 2688

STAR OF THE SHOW: The Pabana sorbe. The passionfruit builds on the clean, sweet texture of mango in this sorbet, creating a smooth and creamy explosion of flavour. The perfect Summer treat.



Words by: Natalee Erceg

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