Melbourne’s Top Food Trucks And Where To Find Them


Ahhhhh Food trucks. There are entire festivals dedicated to them. People will happily queue in line for hours for a donut from one, squeal in delight when one unexpectedly pops up, chase them down the street (and we’ve seen this. It happens). What is it that fuels our love for takeaway tacos or made-to-order burgers served from a truck on the corner of a street? We may never know. BUT, what we DO know is, which ones are the best. And where to find them. So, next time that craving for a sausage kicks in and you don’t fancy a sizzle, or an ice-cream but you don’t favour a shop, look no further than right here. We’ve got you covered.




Did you hear about the burger that couldn’t stop making jokes? He was on a roll…Photo from @mrburgertruck Instagram.

 Mr.Burger’s humbling beginnings as a lone food truck in 2012 lay the path for the soon-to-be-loved-all-over burger chain to officially steal our hearts (and our stomachs). Before they became an increasingly popular chain across Melbourne, they served burgers fresh off the grill, on the street.  And boy are we glad they did. You’ve probably seen one across town, in all its orange and white glory, blissfully aware of the burger heaven that lies within. The menu is the same as what’s available in store, so think ‘Mr hot’ a tantalizing, spicy delight for those who like it hot, or the much loved ‘Mr Burger’, the ‘burger that started it all’, an ode to the classics.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Often floating around town, Mr. Burgers food trucks have a variety of locations. Including, but not limited to, Federation Square, Welcome to Thornbury, Yarraville Gardens, Edinburgh Gardens and, on occasion, have been spotted at Monash University’s Clayton campus, which saw a 100% increase in student attendance. also has frequent updates on exact locations.



It’s chow time. Photo from @mrchowfoodtruck instagram. 

 Serving Asian and American street food fusions across Australia. Mr. Chow has become a crowd favourite at festivals and events all over. And whilst their menu isn’t particularly extensive (as most food trucks often aren’t), there are exactly 7 items to choose from, it is as tantalizing as it is inventive. There’s the ‘Beef Taco Chow’, shredded BBQ Korean beef served on a corn tostada topped with Huancaina sauce, the ‘Pork Donut Bao’, crispy pork shoulder with cucumber and coriander salad between a fried bao, and the famous ‘Chicken ting tings’, maple and sriracha crispy fried chicken ribs dressed with roasted sesame seeds, in a 6 piece pack. It’s chow time.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Come play with Mr.Chow with their very own truck locator



Get Yo’ snag on. Photo from @thesnagsociety instagram.

 They’re your traditional snag, with a twist. Welcome to the Snag Society. Not just your everyday, backyard food truck, The Snag Society specialize in gourmet sausages, inspired by real people, and real cultures. And boy are they creative. ‘The Spaniard’ is a spicy chorizo sausage topped with cheddar cheese and chunky salsa, on a soft brioche bun, ‘The Greek’ is a delicious lamb and feta sausage topped with fresh Greek salad and garlic tzatziki on a soft brioche bun and ‘The American’ is a beef sausage topped with crispy fried onions, chunky cheddar cheese,  bacon bits and smoky BBQ bits…coming to a street corner near you, you’ll never be satisfied with your average BBQ sausage again.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: and discover where they’ll be next!



Authentic homemade Italian food that comes to you AND without the dishes. Photo from @just_like_nonna’s_ instagram.

A piece of Sicily in the heart of Melbourne, Just Like Nonna’s pays homage to the Italian food and culture of their ancestors. Made from family recipes, the dishes are fresh and bursting with flavor. There’s the Sicilian sweetened ricotta cannoli with pistachios, a crowd favourite (understandably), it’s a must try, the Pasta al Forno (oven-baked), slow cooked traditional beef ragu, the perfect winter warmer, and the Sicilian-style eggplant and Napoli sauce pasta which will have you tempted to go back and ask for seconds…and maybe even thirds. Driving around town in a bright green truck, it’s almost impossible to miss this Sicilian oasis.


A regular at festivals and events around Melbourne, has a comprehensive list of Just Like Nonna’s upcoming locations.



Don’t eat all the delicious donuts don’t do it…don’t do it…don’ do it..don do it… do it. Photo from @_rawbeets instagram.

A plant based heaven, Raw Beets offers custom-made raw cakes and donuts (that taste just as good – if not better- as the ‘real deal’) across Melbourne. Describing themselves as ‘not just another food truck’, the 100% vegan mobile café began as a ‘personal quest for pure, healthy and nutritional, grab ‘n’ go food’ that could be available anywhere. The mother and daughter duo behind the health creation aim to educate, inspire, and offer healthier alternatives to customers everywhere. However, don’t let this mislead you into thinking Raw Beets is just another, run-of-the-mill, health food café on wheels. It is anything but. Think raw snickers donuts, sugar-free and gluten free, drizzled in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts and coconut, or the mouth-watering snickers acai bowl, topped with fresh fruits, coconut, and cacao nibs; with healthy desserts tasting THIS good, you can have your cake and eat it too! As Raw Beet says, don’t be processed. Be raw!

WHERE TO FIND THEM: A common festival goer, visit their website, for frequent updates and a comprehensive list of future locations.



Porque no los dos? Photo from iv’s burritos website.

Question: What’s better than a burrito? Answer: burrito that comes to you. Enter, Iv’s Burrito food truck. A strong contender for being what Lizzie McGuire was referencing as she sang ‘This is what dreams are made of’, Iv’s Burritos specializes in gourmet street food burritos. First, you start with a large flour tortilla, filled with saffron infused rice, black beans, sour cream, tomato salsa and a red cabbage slaw. Then, you choose a filling; there’s smokey BBQ pulled pork, chargrilled chicken and a few other options available. Lastly, a sauce, mild medium or hot, and any extras you crave. With such a bulletproof menu system how could you possibly go wrong?

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Iv’s Burritos are a regular appearance at the Coburg Cinema drive-ins. For more locations and to keep a tab on Melbourne’s best burritos on wheels, follow



Happy camper; because it’s impossible not to be happy when your meal looks this good. Photo from @happycamperpizza instagram. 

Belinda Carlisle once sang ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’, and now that I’ve discovered a Nutella and m&m pizza, I believe her. From a pizza-obsessed family ( I have a feeling we’d get along well) Happy Camper was born, a traveling food truck dedicated to sharing and spreading this love. Their menu is nothing short of impressive. Boasting one of the longest food truck menus’s I’ve witnessed, and broken down into ‘Street Pizzas’, your run-of-the-mill classics, (such as Margherita and Hawaiian, ‘Gourmet Pizzas’), a twist on their more traditional counterparts ‘(so think fig and prosciutto, prawn and salami and smoked salmon pizzas), ‘Vegan Pizzas’, a mix of dairy-free offerings and‘Dessert Pizzas’,( such as the aforementioned Nutella and m&m pizza)- there really is something for everyone.

 WHERE TO FIND THEM: Hunt down the next best pizza of your life at Happy hunting!



These are no ordinary tacos, no. These are…SUPER tacos! Photo from Super Taco twitter @gosupertaco.

The name says it all. They’re tacos, but not just any ordinary tacos. They’re super tacos. Melbourne certainly doesn’t have a shortage of Mexican restaurants, meaning for a newcomer to stand out and make its mark, they have to go the extra mile. And Super Taco does just that. The menu certainly is original; fried chicken and cactus, beef brisket and peanuts and flathead and lime, just to name a few. Sides include the classic chargrilled corn, alongside tortilla chips and chipotle beans. However considering its creation is from the guys behind Mr. Burger and Fancy Hanks, Super Taco was always destined to be a success.

 WHERE TO FIND THEM: Super Taco is regularly present at Welcome to Thornbury as well as Federation Square, however, for a more precise copy of their location, visit their twitter, Happy hunting!



Not a toastie. A toasta. Photo from @toastafoodtruck instagram.

A toasted cheese sandwich truck was once the dream of cheese lovers everywhere. Now, thanks to those dedicated to the old-school comfort food, it’s a reality. It’s name? Toasta and it’s all about ‘real food and an unreal taste’, taking the traditional cheese toastie and adding its own twist. To keep things interesting the menu constantly changes, however, the signature cheese blend always remains a menu favourite. Other popular items include the ‘Mack Daddy’, a blend of cheese, pulled pork, mac & cheese, caramelized onion and BBQ sauce, and the ‘Natty Jean’, a combination of cheese blends and a  Mediterranean salsa of capsicum, zucchini, and artichoke. I’ll toasta to that!

WHERE TO FIND THEM: In the mood for a toastie fix? Follow Toasta’s social media pages,, or check out



You can’t buy happiness, but I’d rather cry eating ice-creamPhoto from @billyvancreamy instagram.

There’s nothing that rouses the inner child in me more than the cheery jingle of an ice-cream truck as it rolls into my street. Because no matter how old you get, you never get too old to chase an ice-cream truck. Enter Billy Van Creamy, a Melbourne ice cream truck that is an ode to all of our childhood’s favourite pastime. Their gelato is handmade from fresh, natural, organic ingredients and is arguably some of the best in Melbourne. The crowd favourite? Their salted caramel creation made with Himalayan pink salt and peanut butter, thick and creamy, it’s almost impossible to resist.  Move over Mr.Whippy, there’s a new sheriff in town.

 WHERE TO FIND THEM:  Keep a track of Billy’s location on the ice cream trucks following  social media pages:



 Words by: Natalee Erceg



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