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    Hobart’s Top Restaurants and Cafes

    Essentially it’s own little Island, Tasmania is Australia’s (not so hidden) gem. Quaint, quiet and perfectly picturesque, it’s major city, Hobart is a mecca for hikers, adventurers and explorers-alike. Veg Bar Turns out you CAN make friends with salad… Photo from @vegbarhobart Instagram. Well worth the trip to Hobart alone, Veg Bar’s goal is a simple one; to...
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    Australia’s Most Instagrammable Restaurants

    Hungry for a beautiful dining experience? You’ve come to the right place. The 2017 shortlist of the Eat Drink Design Awards, highlighting the most well-designed, architecturally innovative restaurants across Australia and New Zealand, has just been announced. It reveals a lot about current trends in Australian dining. “At the moment, Australians are searching for thoughtful...
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    Where to eat on a budget

    Whether you’re a student, saving for a holiday in the Maldives or just like to get your bang for your buck, we’ve got you covered…   Colonel Tans Because one is never enough. Photo via @revolverupstairs Instagram. Before Revolvers turns into ‘Revs’ in the later hours of the night, it is (surprisingly) home to one of...
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    Where to eat on Chapel Street (Lunch)

    Lunch You’ve made it this far through the day, and you want to beat the lunchtime rush in the Jam Factory, and the inevitable line at Boost Juice, and go for something a little different. Look no further, we’ve got you covered! Tom, Dick & Harry Nestled in the heart of Toorak road is Tom,...
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    Top Rooftops in Melbourne

    Move over Mary, there’s just something about rooftops.  It’s no secret Melbourne has a love for them- paired with extensive offerings of beers and cocktails and stunning views, you have a killer combination. Whether it’s for a Sunday session, after work drinks or just another night out on the town (because who needs an excuse,...
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    Melbourne’s Top Plant Based Cafes

    Guilt free desserts, pancakes that are actually good for you, and filling, wholesome meals, all in one place?  Welcome to the magical world of Melbourne’s emerging plant based scene. With a focus on health, wellbeing and positive vibes, it’s food that’s good for your heart and your soul.   MATCHA MYLKBAR So matcha goodness. Photo: Natalee...
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    Where to eat south of the river

    It’s Melbourne’s answer to the Seine, and for as little as $23, you can take in all the sights the city has to offer in the luxury of somebody else’s boat. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying Melbourne’s Yarra River is an icon of its own. And a necessary one at that. Its...
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    The Top 10 Ice Creams in Melbourne

    In the 1991 movie, My Girl, Vada Sultenfuss is instructed to write a love poem. Six lines are dedicated to her love affair with ice-cream. Beginning with, ‘I like ice-cream a whole lot’, Vada echoes the cries of children (and adults) across Melbourne. Because we all scream for ice-cream. Here are ten of Melbourne’s most popular...
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    Melbourne’s best Acai bowls

    Previously a Summer staple, the humble acai bowl has become an all-year-round menu favourite. And for good reason; the antioxidant-rich, superfood berry, which has almost 2 million tags on Instagram, is hard to resist even in the coldest of months (as much as you wish you could). However, with so many options popping up all...
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    Melbourne’s Top Food Trucks And Where To Find Them

    MELBOURNES BEST FOOD TRUCKS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM Ahhhhh Food trucks. There are entire festivals dedicated to them. People will happily queue in line for hours for a donut from one, squeal in delight when one unexpectedly pops up, chase them down the street (and we’ve seen this. It happens). What is it that...
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    10 Best Date Places in Melbourne

    Whether it’s your 1 year anniversary, a first date or a tinder meet-up, we’ve compiled a list of Melbourne’s top 10 ‘date-worthy’ restaurants (in no particular order) for a night that’s guaranteed to be a success! You can thank us later.   ZHOU ZHOU BAR Located above a yum cha and tea specialist, Zhou Zhou bar...
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    Melbourne’s best pizza

    There are many great things in life: summer, re-runs of Seinfeld episodes, romantic walks along St Kilda beach (did we match on Bumble?), and pizza. Everybody loves pizza. From your classic margherita, to the more adventurous combinations of lobster and black truffle, pizza never goes out of style. However, knowing where to go, in a...
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    New Kids on The Block

    Whether you’re on the hunt for something new, are stuck in a food rut, or just love to keep up-to-date with everything Melbourne, we’ve compiled a list of the latest or soon-to-come restaurants, and cafes, that will take Melbourne by storm in 2017. Just remember, you heard it here first…   ABACUS Spoiler: They taste as...
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    The Top 10 Restaurants in Tasmania

    Tasmania is a destination that prides itself on its dining. With numerous lush locales nearby that churn out some of the best raw produce in Australia, it’s only natural that many talented chefs and restaurant owners in Tassie’s largest city should take these ingredients and turn them into some of the most delectable dishes across...
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    The Top 10 Cafes in Tasmania

    Everyone has their own favourite café, restaurant or food outlet, and we each have our own personal tastes in food. A particular cuisine may appeal to one person, but not be so exciting or tasty to the next. What one person expects in service levels, the next person may not find so important. The dictionary...